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Welcome to the
Pooled Resource Open-Access ALS Clinical Trials Database
PRO-ACT provides users with easy access to:
  • Over 8500 fully de-identified clinical patient records
  • Placebo and treatment-arm data from 17 Phase II/III clinical trials
  • Demographic, lab, medical and family history, and other data elements
  • More than 8 million longitudinally collected data points
We thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of PRO-ACT including the companies, the researchers, and most of all the ALS patients, past and present, around the world, to whom the PRO-ACT initiative is dedicated.
In June 22, Prize4Life, Sage Bionetwork and The DREAM Challenges launched the ALS Stratification Challenge. The Challenge utilized the PRO-ACT database, as well as data from the Irish National ALS register and The Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta Register for ALS. It asks solvers to identify meaningful sub-groups of ALS patients. To register to the challenge, please follow these instructions.
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